Vending Services

Merchants carry out transactions by connecting to our switching platform through a client device, which can be either a mobile point of sale (POS) device supplied by PDSL, a PC based POS with software supplied by PDSL or directly from the retailers own system via open XML based protocols (typically in the case of a large retailer; referred to as Aggregators).

Business Number

Under Vending Services, we have developed a modular switching platform that allows merchants and consumers to easily perform online transactions against different service providers. Service providers include, but are not limited to, banks (for EFT), municipalities and utilities (for prepaid electricity and bill payment) and mobile or fixed line airtime providers (for prepaid airtime).

Call Center

Our customer support desk which is manned with a clear escalation procedure ensures that the serviced clients have access to uninterrupted services throughout the utilization period.


We have developed a modular switching platform that allows merchants and consumers to easily perform online transactions......

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Local Area Network ,Our team of dedicated and professional staff have a long experience in Provision of Local Area Network services....

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This platform is also a vending medium for airtime vending for companies to service their vendors and the network's consumers.......

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A premium rate service allows you to sell services to mobile to mobile subscribers who opt in to the service at a premium.........

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Performance Skills

Prepaid Airtime 90%
P.R.S Services 63%
PostPaid Electricity 85%
Prepaid Electricity 90%