Who We Are

P.D.S.L, is an expert in technical developments with an established Robust Infrastructure.

Our Motto.

Satisfaction to our partners.

Our Vision.

To provide solutions in I.C.T. (hardware and software), installations, maintenance and services as well as systems integration, project management and consultancy.

Our Mission.

To be the solution provider of choice to our customers and partners.To be the solution provider of choice to our customers and partners.

To develop and maintain a high level of technical expertise and competence in our services.

To facilitate technological transfer to local experts.

To maintain strong partnership and business relationship with our partners and customers based on HONESTY, RESPECT and DEDICATION..

Meet Our Team

  • Board of - Directors

Governed by Three Directors who are Determined and Dedicated Business professionals.

  • Finance - Department

Accountable and Reliable Department.

  • Technical - Department

Experienced and Professional in Information and Technology and Network Services.

  • Customer - Service

Well equiped and manned call services for 24hrs 7days a week

our Clients/Partners