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    P.D.S.L is an expert in technical developments with an established Robust
  • Get your Tokens and Pay Your Electricity Bills With
    Business No. 501200
    Merchants carry out transactions by connecting to our switching platform through a client device,
    which can be either a mobile point of sale (POS) device supplied by PDSL, a PC based POS with
    software supplied by PDSL or directly from the retailers own system via open XML based protocols
    (typically in the case of a large retailer; referred to as Aggregators).
  • Find the Benefits of Using P.D.S.L Services
    We offer Professional Service!
    Electricity and Airtime platform
    Pre-paid Tokens
    Either Direct purchase or Agent
    Post-Paid Elec Bills
    Either Direct payments or Agent
    Safaricom, Airtel or Orange
    Experts in IT Solutions
    System Intergration
    KPLC vendors Gateway
    Software Development
    Mobile Apps & Webdesign
    Premium Rate Services
    Bulk SMS, Short Code & USSD
Expert in technical developments with an established Robust Infrastructure. Contact VendIT!


We have developed a modular switching platform that allows merchants and consumers to easily perform online transactions......

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Local Area Network ,Our team of dedicated and professional staff have a long experience in Provision of Local Area Network services....

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This platform is also a vending medium for airtime vending for companies to service their vendors and the network's consumers.......

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A premium rate service allows you to sell services to mobile to mobile subscribers who opt in to the service at a premium.........

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P.D.S.L - Presentation
Suitable Company for Business, Technology and Creativity. We hope that you enjoy it.

Facts About P.D.S.L

Professional Didgital Systems Ltd has track records.

  • 2000 + Vendors
  • 15 + Aggregators
  • 10 + Partners
  • 44799 Love
  • 365 Days

P.D.S.L Business Solutions

Professional Digital Systems Ltd. Business department gives you opportunity to increase your ventures through sales for; Pre-paid Electricity Settlement, Post-Paid Electricity Settlement, Electronic Airtime Sales(safaricom, Airtel and Orange), Lotery and Gaming among many more.

P.D.S.L Technical Services

Our team of dedicated and professional staff has a long experince in provision of Information Systems and Network Services. We have successfully installed networks for customer who required scalability, reliability and simple network management. We also offer Head-end installations and maintenance for digital networks and provide support for Prepaid and PostPaid services

Digital Marketing with P.D.S.L

We make you reach and interact with your customers using a modular mobile marketing tool with two-way exchange of data. Our unique mobile marketing tool utilizes a dedicated mobile network channel through which you can create interactive mobile advertising and marketing campaigns that display on the mobile screen.Using proprietary technology, our mobile marketing tool works on a permission based framework allowing for you to create a flexible mobile campaign that allows your customers to respond to your promotions giving many alternatives to various interaction scenarios as you may build to suit your marketing objectives.

P.D.S.L Solutions

Professional Digital Systems Ltd has various solutions ranging from individual, business to cooperete needs in the following fields;

  •   System Intergration
  •   Software Development
  •   Premium Rate Services

Why We are Best

P.D.S.L has partnered with various campanies including ipay from South Africa to make sure our customers get quality services.
Our market intelligence show that our services are unique and have the competetive edge to ensure customers have a very positive experience when using our servives.
P.D.S.L under VendIT allows you to buy elec. tokens or pay your stima bills with only one business number(501200) whenever you are at anytime and response is delivered instantly.

Premium Rate Services

Bulk sms
We offer Professional Services!
Digital Marketing
We offer Professional Services!
Short Code/ USSD
We offer Professional Services!
Web Design
We offer Professional Services!
Seo & Development
We offer Professional Services!
Internet Marketing
We offer Professional Services!
Professional Digital System Limited! Expert in technical developments with an established Robust Infrastructure. Contact us

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Fastest way to get electricity tokens via M-pesa is through Paybill 501200. You get your tokens immediately. No delays - @cirugach   customer
Yes you can also buy KPLC prepaid tokens through Safaricom pay bill number 501200. Account number remains your meter .... - Safaricom   partner
Hi,go to MPESA menu,select pay bill, use business number 501200,,OK .Enter full account no(i.e123456-01), amount,PIN ,OK. - K.P.L.C   Partner
- Customer  customer